Emerging Technology

Punahou’s Design, Technology, and Engineering Labs build and maintain a student-centered, school-wide environment intended to empower the development of the social-emotional skills, technical abilities, design thinking and growth mindset for our students. State-of-the-art equipment offers the opportunity to solve real-world challenges and helps engage our students in the kind of deep intellectual discovery that will train them to become the innovators and leaders of the future.

Two new design labs paired with an additional classroom space will provide an excellent education in traditional design theories and practices, along with creating pathways that will empower Punahou students as leaders in the new virtual and augmented reality worlds that are rapidly emerging.

Design, Technology and Engineering Lab  
This large lab will offer paths for learning design and fabrication essentials and is designed to be the Design Technology and Engineering center’s gateway for broad use. In addition to hosting DTE courses and clubs, students and teachers from every department can take advantage of open lab time, technical support and readily available prototyping technologies.

The Emerging Technologies Lab
A cutting edge space where students will explore and develop emerging media such as virtual reality, augmented reality and artificial intelligence. The facility was purposely designed to host leaders from the industry and education and to support the very latest technological advancements with maximum flexibility going into the future.

Our new labs will also allow us to bring in the foremost experts from around the world to teach our students to leverage the technology.

“Some things that I’m hopeful to find are a variety of equipment for the students to use. For example, in the current KRLL lab, we have a lot of tools and materials, such as the water jet, 3d printer, etc. This often inspires me to approach the design process from a new perspective, and I always try my best to incorporate as many tools as I can. Having this equipment leads to a diverse range of projects.”

Qinglin “Charles” Ye ’26