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The new Academy Learning Commons re-envisions our current Cooke Library, and will feature extensive outdoor, covered gathering spaces for students and faculty, with a generous lānai on four sides, as well as a convenient grab-and-go food kiosk.


The Academy Learning Commons is envisioned as a gathering space designed to foster engagement, collaboration and connection.


The building design features multiple entrances from the Academy Quad, as well as a new grand entrance from Rice (Middle) Field that faces the Junior School to better connect it with the rest of campus.


The Cooke Library Collection of books and resources will be housed in a bright and modern open space to maximize natural light and create more inviting spaces for group meetings and individual quiet study.


One of the four entrances to the Academy Learning Commons will face Rice (Middle) Field.

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How can we transform a space
to inspire wonder?

The K – 12 Learning Commons are a reimagining of our libraries into a dynamic intellectual hub where students can find their purpose and passion, creating space for the yet unimagined.

The first phase of this undertaking, the Junior School Learning Commons (kindergarten – grade 8), has been inspiring students since it opened in 2019. The second and final phase, the Academy Learning Commons (grades 9 – 12), will structurally repurpose the School’s current Cooke Library. The new LEED certified design reconnects grades 9 – 12 to the center of campus, creates collaborative new spaces for learning and innovation, enhances project-based learning and sparks imagination at a time when the world has been transformed by an innovation-driven economy.

For information about leadership giving opportunities to support this project, please contact a member of Punahou’s Giving Team.

Breaking ground: 2023

Estimated completion: 2025

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